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    Since establishment from 2006, we always put green formula first. As a young enterprise, we are creative and dynamic. We began our manufacture from air care products. We decide to do something better for we only have spray air fresheners at first, and fragrance is relatively simple. Our engineer did a lot of research and develop new fragrance, now we have variety air fresheners, and develop our own brand AIR NEAT. We organized a group of experienced professional engineers and a group in 2007. Our idea in simple:” We decide to do something better for environment.” We are trying to put different functions into our various products. However, the path is not easy. For example, when we are trying for mosquito repellant, we are trying tens of thousands of raw materials and components and hundreds of different ways to classify them. It was too complicated, people said, or too experienced, or too difficult. There will be one solution. We believe it and we succeed in 2009. Our products now expert to all over the world, and we believe a beautiful tomorrow.

  • 2006


  • Ningbo


  • all over the world


  • Product:

    Mosquito Repellant
    Air freshener range
    Air Deodorant range
    Mosquito Insecticide
    Hand sanitizer range
    Membrane Air freshener
    Air disinfection products

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