• what we do

    We make homes better for families. We’re young but our trusted brand can be found all over the world. We employ nearly 30 people in sale department. Our company is headquartered in NingBo, China, where it was founded. We own one factory for air fresheners, and have 8 operate manufacture for other products.
    At the same time, we’ve established a generations-long legacy of environmental responsibility, community leadership and providing great places to work. We do this because we want to do what’s right for our business today, and also what’s right for people and the planet tomorrow. Our product portfolio includes PECUS, BST99,AIR NEAT&MEINEKE


    Car care

    BST markets car care products including MEINEKE ®


    BST makes cleaning products to help you make your home clean and fresh by BST99®

    Personal care & pest control

    BST are experienced for personal care products, and AIRNEAT® helps you in protecting families from insects and the diseases.
    Pet washing
    BST take special care for your pets. You can use our air weck® products to take care of your pets.

  • 2006


  • Ningbo


  • all over the world


  • Product:

    Mosquito Repellant
    Air freshener range
    Air Deodorant range
    Mosquito Insecticide
    Hand sanitizer range
    Membrane Air freshener
    Air disinfection products

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