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    product nameBF003
    Product ID250ML

    Product Delails:

     Drive off the mosquitoes and insects  by our high-quality products! 



    1, Drive off the mosquitoes or insects by all-nature-plants-based formula

    2, Drive off the mosquitoes or insects by DET formula, Cymbopogon or natural essential oil.

    3, Add fragrance if you like



    TRA Certificate

    MSDS Report

    qualified for EU and US market


    Bugs are one thing, but bugs in your home are an entirely different story. Our bug killers can help you stop bothersome pests in your home and prevent them from invading again. Ants, roaches, fleas, yellow jackets … there’s a Air Neat® product to meet your need.

    With sprays, ant baits, roach products and more, our products kill bugs so you can take back your home.



  • 2006


  • Ningbo


  • all over the world


  • Product:

    Mosquito Repellant
    Air freshener range
    Air Deodorant range
    Mosquito Insecticide
    Hand sanitizer range
    Membrane Air freshener
    Air disinfection products

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