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    product nameBC010
    Product ID345ML

    Product Delails:

    345ml Water Base Air freshener Bottle Spray


    ·         180ml  bottle spray

    ·         Auto spray 

    ·         Eco-friendly and safe

    ·         For  car,home hotel etc




    ·         Decompose bad odors more than masking. 

    ·         Eliminate bad odor in 15 mins.

    ·         Effrectively kills bacteria.

    ·         Brings wonderfully refreshing fragrances.

    ·         Size: Diameter 55* Height 235MM

    ·         Many kinds of Fragrance.


    We can supply bellows fragrance:

    Potpourri:  Jasmine,Lily,Violet,Ginger Flower,Clove,Rose,Gardenia,Osmanthus,Rrchid,Cherry.

    Fruit: Lemon,Green Apple,Coconut,Cocoa,Coffee,Strawberry,Mango,Kiwi Fruit,Guava,Peach,Passion fruit.

    Compound: International,dune,ocean,poison,forest,cologne,greenwave,phytoncide,baby powder .hylaea,vanilla,Sjal,garden city,sandalwood.


    Beside these popular frangrance, we also have other frangrance,, such as: Burberry, Rosemary, Coffee, lavender, Orange, Grape, Melon, Evergreen, Pine, Poison, Kenzo, Anti-tabbaco, Jenny, Vanilla, Polo sports, etc.


    Special note: 

    1. All Essence oil with high quality and natural fragrance.

    2. With high stable performance. 

    3. Plastic valve.


  • 2006


  • Ningbo


  • all over the world


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