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    product nameBC008
    Product ID250ML

    Product Delails:


    250ml Air freshener Aerosol Spray



    ·         250ml spray 2500times

    ·         Auto spray 

    ·         Eco-friendly and safe

    ·         For  car,home hotel etc




    ·         Decompose bad odors more than masking. 

    ·         Eliminate bad odor in 15 mins.

    ·         Effrectively kills bacteria.

    ·         Brings wonderfully refreshing fragrances.

    ·         Lasts up to 2500 sprays

    ·         Size: Diameter 65* Height 135/140MM

    ·         Many kinds of Fragrance

    ·         250ml/300ml volume french fragrance goes with L-type spray nozzol offers 3000-3200 sprays and yuns around 30 days non-stop under 15 minutes interval.


    We can supply bellows fragrance:

    Potpourri:  Jasmine,Lily,Violet,Ginger Flower,Clove,Rose,Gardenia,Osmanthus,Rrchid,Cherry

    Fruit: Lemon,Green Apple,Coconut,Cocoa,Coffee,Strawberry,Mango,Kiwi Fruit,Guava,Peach,Passion fruit

    Compound: International ,dune,ocean,poison,forest,cologne,greenwave,phytoncide,baby powder hylaea,vanilla,Sjal,garden city,sandalwood.


    Beside these popular frangrance, we also have other frangrance,, such as: Burberry, Rosemary, Coffee, lavender, Orange, Grape, Melon, Evergreen, Pine, Poison, Kenzo, Anti-tabbaco, Jenny, Vanilla, Polo sports, etc.


    Special note: 

    1. All Essence oil with high quality and natural fragrance.

    2. With high stable performance, 120mm and 135mm air freshener can.   we adopt brass valve to avoid any broken instead of plastic valve.

    3. All cans steel sheet thickness is 0.23mm, the can quality is the best all of the world.


  • 2006


  • Ningbo


  • all over the world


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