Air Care

Whether you want to fill a room with fragrance or eliminate odors, we have just what you need to fragrance your home. For every mood, for any occasion, we have a scent to stir your senses.


Pest Control

You shouldnt have to worry about bugs at home. We have different types of insect repellants which can help you kill invading bugs or take mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs gently.


Skin Carel

We are all keenly aware of how quickly germs spread wherever and whenever we interact. Thats why at work, at school and in public places everywhere people trust our instead hand sanitizer to kill germs.


Membrane air fresheners

Our membrane air fresheners are wonderful for small space. They are more and more popular in the market----It is small, cheap and easy!

1, There is no leakage. However, traditional products can not properly solve this problem. You know, If there is a little liquid come out of packing, it will be a big problem for customers!
2, Its high-emanating. For low-quality products, there will be some precipitate left in the packing at last.
3, Our products are fully packed.
4, We have some different shapes, they are quite beautiful.

Air deodorant

Effortlessly transform your home with your favorite fragrance.

1.Now its available in another design that blends beautifully with any dcor so you can fill any room in your home with a welcoming fragrance.
2. It can be placed anywhere you need fragrance the most.
3. It removes bad odors more than musk.
4. If you are looking for a great atmosphere in your home, fragrances help you transform any room of your home, bringing you the perfect expression for any mood or occasion.

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